Pay Per Call Marketing – How Does It Work? 

Pay Per Call Marketing is an economic mode of campaigning that is being applied by many companies today. The importance of customer – UseCallBox dot com merchant relationship is being analysed in depth and everything that can be done is being done to ensure that there is good will in the same.  

This method of advertising involves calls made to the toll-free number by the clients. The rate paid by the merchant is decided based on the number of calls made by those who view the advertisement. It is charged based on the call, the conversation and the impact created. The advertiser who receives the call is being charged for the call. The possibility of a fraudulent call is mostly minimised in this aspect. The effectiveness is improved in the process.  

What is captured during the call plays a very important role in the bigger scheme of things. You can note down the caller identification, the duration of the call, the exact day, date and time of the call, if the call is from a new or old client, and impact of the call and the total sales amount.  

With all the above details, the sales and market efficiency is calculated. This helps the merchant effectively in deciding the market share as well.